The drought currently squeezing Southern California into a bone dry pile of dust also comes with a few unfortunate side effects like browned lawns, dangerous fire conditions, oh, and bears.

For example, the brown bear — pictured above — that's currently lumbering around a Pasadena neighborhood, poking through backyards and taking swipes at old Scottish couples.

According to KTLA 5, residents should stay inside while animal control officers (probably wandering along with the bear through Pasadena's suburban streets like Walt Whitman and an even-hairier-than-usual Allen Ginsberg) contain the situation.

One of our Animal Control Officers is on scene of #bear sighting in #Pasadena. Please stay inside.

— Pasadena Humane Soc. (@PHS_SPCA) January 24, 2014

It's not clear if there are just more bears out and about from their hibernation naps this year, or if the drought is merely forcing bears who were already awake to venture out further in search of food.

Either way, however, sightings are way up.

[h/t Matthew Keys]