A nosy neighbor who filed a criminal complaint against a free spirit whom she spotted walking around sans clothing inside his own house nearly landed the man behind bars on bogus sexual assault charges.

Claiming to have been the victim of "indecent exposure" on four separate occasions, the woman, a resident of Växjö, Sweden, phoned the local police to complain.

She said she had video footage of the 50-something-year-old masturbating in front of an open window, fully visible to neighborhood children.

The police subsequently fined the man 9,000 kronor (~$1350) and charged him with sexual assault.

In an amusing twist, it was those same recordings that ultimately got the case thrown out by the district court.

Footage captured by the woman showed that there was a hedge around the man's house which was partially obscuring his alleged indecency.

Moreover, the woman herself readily admitted that she was too far away to be certain that the defendant was masturbating, and said he may have been merely scratching himself.

For his part, the man says he never intended to expose himself to anyone, and was simply exercising his right to be naked in the privacy of his own home.

The court ultimately dismissed all charges.

The man's lawyer said the ruling was a victory not only for his client, but for anyone who enjoys an unencumbered stroll around the living room every now and again.

[photo via Shutterstock]