How boring was Ben Carson’s primary party last night? The bartender was knitting a blanket, if that’s any indication.

Carson ended up capturing 2 percent of the vote last night in New Hampshire, and the air was less than celebratory. Here’s a scene report—if you can call it that—from the Guardian:

The attendance at the party briefly peaked at about 50 people. It wasn’t much of a party. Supporters milled around chatting. Food was served. There were two bars set up but neither was inundated. A woman working behind one of them spent much of her time knitting a blanket.

There were six separate clusters of balloons spread around the room. The balloons were red, white and blue. The local New Hampshire television station played during the party. It showed live footage from all the main presidential candidates’ celebration parties. All except this one. The Guardian was the sole representative of the journalistic profession.

More like a wet blanket. Still, somewhat surprisingly, one person saw cause for celebration: Carson’s campaign manager Bob Dees.

“This is not even below expectations for the campaign,” Dees said.

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