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Just minutes after the Democratic debate began in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, the Associated Press called the Democratic presidential caucuses in Maine for Bernie Sanders. Sanders has won eight states thus far in the race for the Democratic nomination.

According to Politico, Hillary Clinton has not made an in-person appearance in the state since September:

Sanders has done well in states with largely white populations — like Maine — but has struggled among non-white voters, especially across the South.

Maine awards its 25 Democratic delegates on a proportional basis. As of Sunday morning, Clinton was leading Sanders by more than 200 pledged delegates, a margin that will narrow after Maine’s are apportioned. When superdelegates are added to Clinton’s total, she holds a commanding lead of more than 600 total delegates.

Sunday’s turnout was so high that the Maine Democratic Party is reportedly considering switching from a caucus system to a primary system in future elections.

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