AMC's been rolling out teaser clips from Better Call Saul for months now, but after a Sunday Breaking Bad marathon, the network debuted a full-length Vince Gilligan-produced music video for the upcoming season.

Gilligan is a big fan of genre music videos (fans of Breaking Bad may remember his foray into narcocorrido ballads) and according to Rolling Stone, he co-wrote the Saul lyrics with Breaking Bad writer Peter Gould and composer Dave Porter.

Gilligan—who had Cuates De Sinaloa, an actual narcocorrido band, write and perform the Heisenberg theme song—kept it authentic with the Saul video as well: the two-and-a-half minute song is performed by country mainstay Junior Brown, who picks the Johnny Cash-esque tune on a dirty guit-steel double-neck guitar.

[h/t Daily Dot]