The Bloodhound Gang made news for the first time ever last week during a performance in Ukraine. After respectfully praising the Ukrainian flag, the group's bassist, Jared Hasselhoff, placed a Russian flag in his pants, rubbed it on his ass, and said to the approving crowd, “Don't tell Putin.”

Video of the incident made its way to officials in Russia, where the band was scheduled to play next, eventually reaching Vladimir Medinsky, the country's minister of culture. Medinsky accurately described the band on Twitter as "idiots," writing:

"Bloodhound Gang is packing its bags. These idiots will not perform in Kuban," referring a festival the band was scheduled to play in southern Russia this weekend. Medinsky then ordered the band's deportation from Russia.

As the group travelled to the airport, they were pelted with tomatoes and eggs. And as they waited to leave the country in an airport lounge, a group of people wearing t-shirts labeled "Cossacks" reportedly attacked the band. One of the "Cossacks" even attempted to smother a band member with an American flag.

Here's video of the attack:

The band members eventually boarded a flight to Moscow, but were forced to deplane for additional questioning as Russian authorities decided whether to press charges. They were allowed to take a later flight.

Hasselhoff apologized during a press conference on Friday, and the band's frontman, Jimmy Pop, said he disagreed with the entire incident. “Russia is better than America, so I disapprove of that," he said.

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