After a conspicuous 12-year absence from his desk, newly departed New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg returned to work this morning at his flagship media company, Bloomberg LP, in midtown Manhattan. Executives welcomed him with prosecco, cheers, and, we imagine, bated-breath obscenities.

Bloomberg left the company in 2001 because he wanted to devote more time to his hobby, being mayor of New York. He returns to a host of problems that Mike Bloomberg probably has lots of opinions about. For one: "What are these silly little coffee pods? What's this machine? Is that a salt shaker I see? Get rid of this shit."

Also, last year Bloomberg LP weathered a few bouts of regulatory scrutiny regarding privacy and market rule abuses of the company's trademark Bloomberg terminals, a scandal that underscored conflicts of interest between the news gathering and sales divisions of the company.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg's day-to-day role in the punditry production of Bloomberg View, which Bloomberg will oversee as chairman, is yet uncertain.

He is calling dibs on that cubicle nearest to the kitchen:

In a company memo obtained by Capital, Bloomberg L.P. C.E.O. and former deputy mayor Dan Doctoroff told employees "we'll be seeing more of him at 731 Lexington and our offices around the world. When he's in New York, Mike will most likely spend a few hours a day working from his new desk on the fifth floor."

Oh, lovely.

Per the memo obtained by CNY, it's unclear whether Bloomberg newsroom staffers are expected to address Mike Bloomberg as "Mike Bloomberg," Mike, Michael, Mr. Bloomberg, "hey, yo, Mikey," Your Redundant Excellency, Señor Hielo de la Cerveza, or simply "Sir."