Drug traffickers messed up big time when they dropped a bag containing more than a million dollars right into the hands of Bolivian anti-drug police.

The drop from a low-flying plane in the Santa Cruz province was intercepted by drug enforcement officials after it was intended to be picked up by fellow drug traffickers. Instead, the money, American dollars wrapped with a seal from a Paraguayan bank, ended up in the hands of the Bolivian government. Officials believe it was intended to start either a business front or cocaine production center.

The botched drop led to the arrest of three Bolivian citizens who were possibly the intended recipients of the drug money. Bolivia is one of the world's leader in cocaine production. The coca leaf, which is plentiful in the country, is legal in small amounts to help alleviate the effects of altitude sickness. The production of cocaine, however, is illegal.

Between this and the 1.3 tons of cocaine seized by French authorities, drug traffickers are having a rough couple of weeks holding onto their cash.