Take a moment to feel a tidal wave of gratitude wash over you as you reflect upon the fact that modern polling technology and statistical analysis techniques now allow us to pinpoint precisely how much People Don't Respect People Now Like They Did When I Was a Kid.

Whereas, in the past, humans were forced to rely upon anecdotal evidence that We Never Talked to People Like That In My Day, we now have a Harris Interactive poll of thousands of Americans to put a quantifiable number on the exact amount of respect that The Kids have lost for The Teachers and The Teachers have lost for The Kids and The Parents have lost for The Teachers and Things Just Aren't What They Used to Be. The bracing findings:

Only half of Americans believe parents respect teachers today (49%, down 42 points [from when respondents were students]).

Only three in ten believe today's K-12 students respect teachers (31%, making for a drop of 48 points).

Just under two-thirds of Americans believe that teachers respect parents today (64%, down 27 percentage points when compared to the percentage who believe teachers respected parents during their own K-12 schooling).

Roughly six in ten each believe that teachers today respect students (61%, down 25 points) and that the administration respects teachers (58%, down 30 points).

In the span of only a single generation, Common Respect and Decency For People has plummeted by almost half. At this rate, the next generation of kids Won't Have No Respect For Anybody At All.

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