Habitually wrong ABC News correspondent Brian Ross is famous for fabricating footage about faulty Toyota vehicles. The car accident he caused on Sunday night, however, is very real.

According to the New York Post, Ross struck a 52-year-old retired cab driver with his BMW as he was parking near the studios of WABC on 67th Street. The driver, a 52-year-old named Roman Dati, told the Post that he suffered a broken arm from the collision.

While an NYPD spokeswoman confirmed the accident to Gawker, the written incident report will not be available for a week or so—making certain details of the Post’s account difficult to confirm. It’s not clear, for example, how or whether Dati was actually jaywalking—on which street?—when Ross struck him. (The Post refers to Dati as a “jaywalking pedestrian.”) Or how Ross was “turning left from 67th Street onto Columbus Avenue” and “‘slowly’ pulling up to his parking space” when the two men collided.

In a statement to the Post, an ABC spokesman said that Dati “stepped off the curb, put his hand onto Brian’s hood and pushed himself backwards. He fell down and hurt his arm.” Dati acknowledged, however, that the 67-year-old correspondent stayed onscene until an ambulance arrived. No charges were filed by either party.

In any case, Ross joins Robert Novak, Mort Zuckerman, and Shepard Smith in the sanctum of media elites who wind up hitting their lessers with expensive automobiles. Congrats.