The Weed Fairy Just Stopped By the Gawker Office

Earlier today, we told you about the Weed Fairy, an anonymous New York City benefactor leaving free marijuana buds around Brooklyn's subway stops. It just so happens that after our post went up, the Weed Fairy magically materialized outside Gawker's Elizabeth Street office, taped a couple of Garden Breath posters on our front doors, and left a bunch of weed. This generous stoner is a woman, not a man, and the photo above is evidence of her handiwork.

Thanks, Weed Fairy!

[photo by Victor G. Jeffries III]

Brooklyn Has a Weed Fairy

New York is filled with scamps and scoundrels, perverts and pranksters, so when Brooklyn-via-Denver musician Travis Egedy, also known as Pictureplane, discovered a poster taped to a subway wall with a pinch of weed attached, he had to wonder: Could this gift be for real? And more importantly, should he smoke it?

Turns out, Egedy wasn't the only one who made such a discovery this week:

Because this is 2013 and even a magical pot fairy needs a social-media presence, the anonymous benefactor left a Twitter handle that, until today, had sent out two messages:


But then this morning, two more updates appeared, one insisting the gesture isn't a marketing ploy and another identifying the cannabis strain:

For the record, the Garden Breath doesn't seem to be a product or a brand and the United States Patent and Trademark Office database doesn't turn up any trademarks or pending applications with the name. So who could possibly be behind these random acts of kindbudness?


As it happens, we may already have the answer. Spoiler alert: It's not Banksy.

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