Police say a Brooklyn woman was brutally dismembered and had her body parts strewn across a 40-mile stretch of Long Island, all because she reportedly refused to pay her fake landlord $200 for unreliable utilities.

The New York Daily News reports Chinelle Browne, a 27-year-old mom of four, was last seen alive July 5, when neighbors heard her arguing with her ostensible landlord, Leah Cuevas.

According to court papers, Cuevas, 42, rented Browne a room in her dead uncle's Brownsville apartment for $400 a month, but charged for water that was never on, and electricity that was only available through a single cord from Cuevas's apartment.

A law enforcement source told Newsday that Browne eventually discovered Cuevas was not her legal landlord, and had been collecting rent under false pretenses.

Neighbors told the Daily News Browne refused to pay, and intended to move out.

"No, Leah! What you doing?" a neighbor reports hearing Browne scream on the night of July 5, "Oh, no! Oh, no! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Browne's torso and legs were found, separately, on Long Island July 8. Police were able to identify her by a tattoo. On July 9, one of her arms was discovered in a front yard in Hempstead. The other arm turned up in a different yard the next day, and her head wasn't found until July 17.

Cuevas has been charged with murder in the grisly killing. She pleaded not guilty Thursday, and a judge ordered her held without bail.

Newsday reports Browne moved to the U.S. a year ago from Guyana, where her husband and children still live. Her husband, Dale Browne, flew in for Thursday's hearing, and still plans to move to New York.

The complicated matter of who actually owns the building where Browne lived is being resolved in a separate case in Brooklyn's Surrogate's Court.

[Photos of Cuevas (left) and Browne (right): Police handout via NYDN]