Brooklyn Libertarians and/or Reddit gold account owners beware: police say a man was robbed at gunpoint for $1,100 in Bitcoin in Crown Heights last week.

DNAinfo reported on the mugging, which took place after the victim—a 28-year-old resident of the neighborhood—arranged a Craigslist meeting with another man who agreed to exchange the computer money for cold, hard cash.

When he got to the corner, the stranger led him to a silver Honda where he said they’d finalize the deal.

But once inside the car, a second man pulled a gun on the victim from the backseat, forcing him to transfer the bitcoin funds to the two robbers. The virtual thieves then stole the victim’s cell phone and fled, police said.

The very qualities that Bitcoin fans love about Bitcoin—the anonymity, the lack of a central organizing body—would seem to make it very difficult to find a robber once he’s made off with your internet bux. The Crown Heights muggers remain at large.

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