I think everyone should of help and try to stop the guy from beaten the man its sad what happen to him I hope everything is ok but at the same time his wife should of try to pick him up from the ground do something instead of screaming I know its sad for her to watch her husband getting beaten almost to death am sure if it wasn't a cop the guy who got locked up might have not been so serious but because he is a cop he will have to pay for the crime am very n truly sorry for the cop I pray for him and his family and I also pray for the guy to is in jail god bless u all

Brutal Beatdown of Off-Duty NYPD Officer Caught on Video

An off-duty NYPD officer was nearly beaten to death early Sunday morning in Queens as onlookers cheered “Worldstar!” and recorded the incident on cellphone cameras.

According to police sources who spoke with the New York Post, Sgt. Mohammed Deen was attacked by 29-year-old Hayden Holder, who repeatedly punched and kicked Deen as the officer lay unconscious in the middle of the street. The video also captures Holder punching the window of Deen's white BMW as Deen's wife reportedly sat inside.

“It was a vicious, savage beating,’’ one police source told the Post.


The incident began at a Jamaica, Queens nightclub where the two men began arguing, reportedly after Deen bumped into Holder. The actual “fight” took place at 5:30 am outside a takeout restaurant about one mile from the club.

Holder was arrested as he tried to flee the scene and has reportedly confessed to the beating, though he told police he did not know Deen was a cop. He's being held on charges of felony assault.


The Post spoke to one of Holder's neighbors, who described the 29-year-old as a neighborhood terror.

“He gets more hyper when he’s drunk,” Mienkoemar Panchu told the Post, adding that Holder would often smash his empty beer bottles in the street. “Everybody used to keep a distance on the block.”

Deen, an 18-year NYPD veteran, suffered critical injuries and is in a medically induced coma at Jamaica Hospital.

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