The Wellington Hotel Annex in Albany, N.Y. was treated to a very special goodbye party when it was murdered in plain sight in front of hundreds of onlookers with the exciting funereal touch of colored fireworks. If I were a building, this is how I'd like to go. Take note!!!

The eleven-story hotel was built in the 1920s and has been cleared to make way for a $66 million convention center, the Associated Press reports. After doing some sleuthing, it appears that the Wellington Hotel Annex used to be home to dozens of feral cats who were dubbed Wellies. Mario Wellie, Jane Wellie, and so on and so forth. The cats were cleared out in 2009, so they weren't harmed in the colorful implosion.

Goodbye, Wellington Hotel Annex. May your exciting sendoff inspire other demolition experts to plan the same for future buildings.