Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian news camerawoman who sits in a comfortable second or third place on the list of 2015’s most hated viral celebrities, has her sights set squarely on the reigning champ: not only did she kick those refugees—now she plans to sue one of them.

Laszlo gained infamy and lost her job after videos surfaced last month that showed her at work on the Serbia-Hungary border. Again and again, as migrant refugees fleeing the police ran toward her, she could be seen sticking out her feet to trip them. (If you’ve read headlines about this but didn’t actually watch the videos, you should watch them. It’s astounding how brazen she is.)

The Hungarian network N1, Laszlo’s employer, terminated her, citing “unacceptable behavior.” Shortly after, it was announced that she would face a criminal investigation. (Laszlo maintains that she believed she was being attacked.)

Mashable reports that the camera kicker plans to file a lawsuit against Osama Abdul Mohsen, the guy she tripped while he was carrying a child. “He changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police,” she claimed, incomprehensibly, to the Russian newspaper Izvestia. “My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honor.”

In one last twist of the troll knife, Laszlo also announced her intent to sue Facebook, which she believes perpetrated harassment by refusing to delete groups that were threatening her over the videos.

As I write this, the lady who sued her nephew for hugging her too tightly is shadowboxing in front of a mirror in her basement, plotting her next move.

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