1. A snake
2. A Winnie the Pooh bear
3. A sense of dignity
4. Nappies, as in mini naps
5. Nappies, as in the British slang for "diapers"
6. A bicycle
7. A fax machine
8. A pair of jeans
9. A post-medieval understanding of the modern sewer system and its basic functions

If you guessed everything but 4, 3 (as in 43 AD, the year when Scotland was founded), and 9, (as in the number of times people should be forced to ask themselves, "Should I toss this in a sewer?" before letting go of a fax machine), then you're correct.

Much like the days of the bubonic plague, the issue of ill-advised dumping has created "the perfect storm of solidified fat and material that cannot break down easily in large clumps beneath Scotland's streets," according to Scottish Water. Perhaps this is some form of art installation that turns the sewer system into an enormous, underground, inedible haggis?

[Image via Metro]