Like James Franco before him, another one of America's heroes has become embroiled in an unseemly underage texting scandal that began on Instagram. Say it ain't so, Captain America!

James Weldon Alton, 29, who played Captain America at Universal Studios, was arrested Wednesday on felony charges of transmitting harmful material to a minor after texting dick pics to a 16-year-old girl he met on the job.

The girl posed with Alton at the theme park a few weeks ago and posted the picture on Instagram, where Alton found it, and, police say, "an online friendship began."

The girl said she and Cap started out exchanging texts as friends, but Alton quickly escalated the relationship by showing her his dick. He also texted her about masturbation and "getting into her," police say.

The explicit pics allegedly started after the victim told Alton she was 16.

After his arrest, Alton told police he thought she was joking about being underage, and that they were just flirting. He said he didn't know why he sent the photos, or what he expected in return, calling the whole thing "poor judgment."

Alton also allegedly tracked down and left comments on the Instagram accounts of two other girls who recently posed for photos with him—"Definitely my fav of the day!!" and "You're a sweetie."

Universal Studios has parted ways with Alton, who had worked there since 2010.

For shame, Captain America. We'd expect this from Tony Stark, but not from you. Not from you.

[H/T Daily Dot, Photo: Instagram]