The manager of a Louisiana drive-through car wash was doing some routine cleaning when his power-washer hose got sucked into one of the large, rotating scrubber, and sucked him in along with it. Unable to move, thanks to the hose wrapped around him, Josh Hood endured roughly 30 embarrassing seconds of spin-cycle before slipping free.

The viral video TV show (isn’t 2015 so fun and awesome?) Right This Minute interviewed the unfortunate Hood, who confirmed that he wasn’t too badly hurt—just a little scuffed up.

He did say, however, that the mishap was scarier than anything he experienced during his service in the military, because he was afraid the scrubber would fling him into its metal support poles. But it didn’t, so we now have this footage of an industrial machine brutalizing him like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times ...

... which is in turn fed to the clanking machine of viral entertainment. And time marches on into the afternoon.

[h/t Daily Mail]