There was a Gawker redesign this week, so that predictably ruffled a few feathers. Others got their feathers in a twist over getting blocked, but they were sure to sign out of Gawker with a big old flourish. Our most lurid correspondent has comments about Egypt and spray-paint and another writer was so riled up that he came in close internet contact with an article about DJs. Read these and more in our weekly hate mail repository.

Provoking on Egypt.

SUBJECT: Spraypaint

BODY: I do not like this Egypt who put spraypaint on the camera. I know right now there is so much drama and some shit like that in that country but you must respect private property and never put the spraypaint on a camera that do not belong to you. It is like if you fuck a pussy then cream and you must quickly wash the pee off your dick. A pussy is useless except for a few things like pee and shit and fuck and dogshit. But it is so provoking to lick a pussy because you will be eating piss, semen, shit, and all of that manner and some shit like that. But you must be cool about it. If you do not want to lick the pussy then do not ask to get a dick suck because only a pee eating whore will do that and you must show respect. Also never try to chain the babe because then you will commit bondage and you may be busted. Just go ahead and fuck the pussy and clean the pee from your stick and never smell the pee for it is provoking because it contain pee from the man who cream and piss into the cunt before. Yups, I can go camping any time of my choosing. So go fuck off, shit for brains asshole

Thank you for identifying your letter so clearly for me, not everyone does that. It's appreciated.

SUBJECT: Hate Mail! Hate! Hate! Hate!

BODY: Fuck you, Gawker!

I was a pretty great commenter with a large number of starred postings, and then you killed me and turned me grey! Why? Because I called you out on your hypocrisy when you required two clicks to see the murdered FL woman and yet put Trayvon on the front page?!

Yes, that! And more, as I made fun (delightfully) of many of your writers. Also, Neetzan, how does that guy sleep at night when simply reposts front page items from reddit?! What a fucktard.

Oh, and the redesign? C'mon, Denton pinching pennies on bandwidth costs again? It looks like shit! Shit! SHIT!

Anyway, as much as it hurt me to go from black to grey, I realize now it was a HUGE favor. No longer am I slave to your readership's acknowledgements of my comedic stylings and tepid graphical talents. I'll still surf the site once in a while, but don't come crawling back to me when you realize I was a value added commenter that helped to make the comments fun again,

And fuck you! But also thanks for being cowards, hypocrites and moody cunts. But also thank you for freeing me from the tyranny of having to be excellent all the time.

Also, fuck you for abandoning me!

But also thank you, for doing the same.

Your never again friend.

And the obligatory redesign freakouts.


BODY: No one likes the stupid sidebar. Please just get rid of it. I love your sites but really there is no benefit to having the side bar. Top stories? Don't give a shit. I like blog formats with stories listed in chronological order. At least give people the option of disabling or making that bar smaller.


SUBJECT: Website redesign feedback

BODY: Gawker,

Lifehacker and Gizmodo are my top-daily visited sites and by far my favorite way to learn about life tips, the latest in technology, and more!

Today's redesign makes the website very hard to read the title of the articles, there's just too much text, even on a high-res screen.

The old version was the best way to see what was going on and what I articles wanted to see. (I really really really liked that)

In the future, announce changes and get feedback from the readers, it saves us many headaches trying to figure out the madness.

Please advise.

DJ protest. This was related to the one last Friday, but Camille Dodero has your back this week.


BODY: No I have never wondered what DJs do during the day. I hate DJs.

This is just the latest in an unfortunate advertising strategy. There was one a few months ago that really bothered me that was headlined something like "When you're at a party and Robert Rodriguez shows up its Magical."

My problem is that you are assuming that I think these DJs and directors are mythical creatures and that I think about them all the time. This couldn't be further from the truth and it's just so belittling.

I understand that you want to make some cash, but how about this, if you want to advertise a camera headline the article "This is something the camera on your phone cannot do" and then talk about the camera all the while being extra careful not to mention a DJ. I would click that link.

Otherwise you do fine work. If you're still reading here's two more tips. 1) Make it so you can watch videos on the homepage (instead of having to click through). Obvious, right? and 2) add a political site to the gawker network (I suggest political wire or wonkette).

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And finally, varied rapid fire from one tipster, in the order received:


SUBJECT: PLEASE ... Do this kind of Heckle to Anthony Weiner - A classic...

BODY: Please post this.

Please do this.

We need you!

SUBJECT: Would you like to hear about my really bad experience with Domino's?

That's all for this week! Are you still making the most of your summer? Are you trying to make it one of your top five summers ever? I think that's a reasonable goal.