On a flight from Brisbane back to Sydney, the Australian cast of The Lion King celebrated their season launch with a Kanye-West-like breach of airplane etiquette: They sang "Circle of Life" in its entirety toward the tail-end of the boarding process.

Some people would meet a free performance by skilled artists with delight. Others would be like, "You've got to be fucking kidding me, cast of the award-winning musical The Lion King. The experience of air travel has grown increasingly more miserable over the past five decades, and I'd really just like to get this plane in the air so I can fall asleep until the ordeal mercifully ends. P.S., If this makes all the babies on the plane start crying, I'm going to kill myself."

Judging by the faces of the passengers staring blankly ahead, pretending to read, or just looking for some overhead bin space, there were more of the latter on this flight. (That little kid in the aisle was totally digging it, though.)

But because we now get to watch the performance from the relative comfort of anywhere but an airplane ... delight? Maybe?

[H/T: Reddit]