Paging Dr. Piketty: In 2013, CEOs of S&P 500 companies made 331 times as much as their employees, according to the AFL-CIO's "Executive Paywatch" report.

Business Insider breaks down how the pay gap between executives and workers has changed over the past three decades:

In 1983, the average CEO made 46 times the pay of the average worker, and this ratio would skyrocket through the boom years of the 90s, with CEOs making 455 times what workers made. After the tech boom receded, the CEO to worker ratio leveled off somewhat, but has risen a little in the last few years.

Last year, the average American nonsupervisory worker made $35,239, and the average CEO took home $11.7 million in total pay.

A separate section of the AFL-CIO's report highlights another sad but unsurprising disparity: those highly paid CEOs are 95 percent white and 95 male.

[Image via Highlander News]