In a Comic-Con panel that took place this morning, Zack Snyder and the cast of his upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shared some details about the film, including an image of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

After updating everyone on how filming is going (it's going well!), Snyder shared a bit of footage featuring Batman's new look. Here's a description of the footage, from First Showing:

Footage shows Batman, with eyes lit up in his Batsuit, turning on the Bat signal (new design for the logo). Bass is pounding, rain pouring, darkness. The Bat signal shines in the sky, and suddenly Superman appears in the middle of the light. His eyes begin glowing red, staring down at Batman. Batman stares back. EPIC! That's all.

Ahh, cutting away before the kiss! What a dirty trick. After the panel concluded, Snyder Tweeted the first image of the Batman V. Superman's Wonder Woman, so even those of us who don't have the misfortune of attending Comic-Con can see:

Hmm. Intense!

[h/t Uproxx, image via Twitter]