A four-year-old girl in Norway reportedly sleepwalked more than three miles Sunday night after dreaming her house was on fire. The girl, who was being watched by her aunt while her mother was on vacation, wasn't discovered until 6:30 Monday morning, wearing only her underwear and a pair of boots.

From the BBC:

The girl apparently remembers dreaming that the house was on fire, putting on her boots and unlocking the front door, her aunt says. She probably went first to a nearby fish factory and then walked through an 800m (2,600ft) tunnel to get to Honningsvag. "She must've been out for several hours," the aunt says. "And in this weather, it's been really cold and miserable. The house was rumbling in the night, there's been such a strong wind."

The child's aunt was shocked to hear from police that morning, expecting that the little adventurer had been sound asleep in her bed.

[Image via Wikipedia]