You'd think that will all the ground being ceded to China the US could at least hold on to its position as the number one exporter of cute Internet cats.

Alas, it seems that torch, too, has been passed to the People's Republic, where a cat named Snoopybabe is currently giving his American counterparts a run for their Instagram followers.

Snoopybabe, ironically an American Exotic Shorthair, has amassed nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram and just under 300,000 followers on Weibo since his owner, Miss Ning, began uploading photo of him a few months back.

According to Miss Ning, Snoopybabe's popularity took her by surprise, and she initially intended to upload the photos solely for the amusement of her friends.

A likely story.

Check out a few more samples from Snoopybabe's look book below, and scroll all the way down for a Grumpy Cat reaction uploaded to Instagram by Miss Ning herself:

[images via Instagram, Weibo via Cute Overload]