Americans know that the newly empowered “millennial” generation is the greatest threat to our nation’s stability. But did you know that China’s millennial generation has the potential to be even worse?

What makes America’s millennials—a demographic group so broad and disparate that any descriptions of it are useful only for online trend stories that cater to the oafish prejudices of readers—so awful? Well they’re stupid kids, for one, and selfish, and they don’t “keep it real” like we did, and they think they’re so special even though they’re not. On top of that some of them have more money than you which is just enraging and not very fair.

Consider, however, that China has many times more millennials than we do. Thankfully, most of them are confined within the borders of China. I beg you to consider what might happen if 135 million Chinese “90s kids” with the characteristics described in this Ad Age story were to flood the world, multiplying the “millennial effect” on popular culture by orders of magnitude. These Chinese millennials sound real “cool”—yeah right!

They have fewer memories of hardship than their parents, and high hopes for the future.


Western brands were scarce when their parents were young; now people in remote areas can use their mobile phones to order foreign brands off the internet.


And since they grew up under the one-child policy, many enjoyed the undivided attention of both parents plus two sets of grandparents.

Think they’re so freaking special!!!

We beg the Chinese government to impose strict border controls to keep this kids in their place. We have enough millennials to deal with here as it is. All talking about a hot new restaurant, or whatever. Okay, it has expensive street food, that’s what you’re into now? I’ll just eat this sandwich that I bought at a fair price—thanks though.

They’ll learn.

[Photo: Flickr]