In a shocking twist where rules apply, the Los Angeles Times reports that charismatic hero Chris Brown has been charged with a hit-and-run and driving without a license following an investigation of a fender-bender last month. Both crimes are misdemeanors punishable by a maximum six-month jail sentence.

According to the Times, a spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney's office stated that the singer rear-ended a stranger's Mercedes with his Range Rover on May 21, then failed to produce a driver's license or provide proper insurance information before leaving the scene. TMZ reports that, if convicted and subsequently found guilty of violating the probation stemming from his 2009 domestic assault charge against Rihanna, Brown could face up to four years in prison.

For his part, Chris Brown has already taken to Twitter to suggest that the charges are all part of a big Conspiracy to Punish Chris Brown, a Good Kid Who Believes in Himself and Tries His Best Every Day.


First, Brown invoked a little known imaginary hit-and-run loophole wherein, as long as you get out of the car and tell the person whose car you have hit something (doesn't have to be complete or correct), it is not a hit-and-run.

Then he accused the woman whose car he hit of trying to "make a scene," even though he didn't even do anything to her (except hit her car).


"Yellow journalism!"

Then he put pictures of the alleged victim's car ("dirty car") all over his Twitter page to prove his innocence.

And pleaded with the world to let him live.

In unrelated Chris Brown news, a rep for the singer said on Monday that claims the singer shoved a woman at a nightclub over the weekend were "totally false and unfounded."

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