This afternoon, Chris Christie was booed by a crowd at a Super Bowl event in Times Square. He is probably not looking forward to being in front of crowds right now.

Yesterday, of course, ex-Port Authority official and Christie confidant David Wildstein revealed that the New Jersey governor did know about his administration's vengeful lane closures at the time they were happening. That perhaps explains the extra venom behind a crowd's jeers today as Christie officially "handed off" the Super Bowl to Arizona, which will host the game in 2015. (Very important political work.)

Above is a Vine taken by Mark Halperin (lol) in which you can hear some lustful boos. The Huffington Post has a good round-up of tweets from the event that echo the scene captured by Halperin.

It's not been a good week for Christie even in the context of football parties, which you would think might feature his core demographic, as on Tuesday he was booed at another pre-Super Bowl event with Bill de Blasio in Jersey City. It appears as if the backlash is beginning to get to a politician whose entire appeal is his unflappability: today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Christie only agreed to do sports radio interviews if he wasn't asked about the bridge fallout.

The good news for Christie is that at this rate he'll be out of office sooner rather than later. Then the redemption narrative we all know is coming can finally begin.