Chris Christie announced Friday that he would sign a New Jersey medical marijuana bill only if it was changed to allow only sick children to consume edible marijuana.

Currently, the bill would allow for all medical marijuana patients, young and old, to purchase edible marijuana. The edibles would be in addition to the medical leaf and lozenge options that are currently legal in the state.

Christie, who has stated he will not be going to "turn New Jersey into Colorado and California," is also asking for more stringent requirements for children to obtain prescriptions. In addition to a physician's recommendation, Christie also wants children to have the recommendation of a psychiatrist.

Christie's announcement follows a public confrontation Wednesday, when the parents of Vivian Wilson, an epileptic two-year-old suffering from a rare disease called Dravet syndrome, crashed a campaign event to ask the governor what was taking the state so long to approve the bill.

Vivian's father, Brian Wilson (no relation to the Beach Boys or the Dodgers), says that the psychiatrist requirement is ridiculous.

"The psychiatrist is just a roadblock," Wilson said. "There's no rhyme or reason to have a psychiatrist be part of this decision. You're talking about sick kids who aren't even mentally necessarily capable of talking. Vivian can't even talk."

[CNN, image via AP]