Keith Crisco, the man locked in a tight battle with Clay Aiken for the Democratic nomination for North Carolina's second congressional district, died suddenly at his home on Monday, reportedly from a fall.

From WTVD:

Crisco was born and raised in North Carolina. He graduated from Pfeiffer University with a BA in mathematics and physics and received a master of business administration from Harvard University.

In 1970 and 71, he served as a White House fellow with a position of Assistant to the US Secretary of Commerce. In 1978, Crisco became the president of Stedman Elastics in Asheboro. He has served on the Asheboro City Council.

In 2009, he was appointed as Secretary of Commerce for North Carolina and served until 2013. Crisco was also a member of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health Advisory Council.

After last week's election, Aiken led Crisco by about 370 votes—-11,649 to Crisco's 11,277—though Crisco refused to concede; the Board of Elections was scheduled to have a voter canvass on Tuesday.

UPDATE 5:19 pm: Aiken has suspended his campaign: