If you want to really fuck with a bunch of college students, all you have to do is tell them they're participating in a "study." Publish your findings in a peer-reviewed journal for maximum laffs!

Here is an accurate summary the "study" that was actually carried out by real "professional" "academics" and published in an academic journal: they took a bunch of college kids out to a dangerous neighborhood and dropped them off there. For fun/ science! Time summarizes:

The study took 50 students, sent half of them to a low income, high crime neighborhood and the other half to an affluent neighborhood with little crime..

The students in the study were not from either neighborhood, and did not know what the study was about. They were were dropped off by a taxi and told to deliver envelopes containing a packet of questions to a list of residential addresses.

Hahahaha. *SCREECHING OF TIRES* "Here we are kid, South Central. Go 'deliver' these 'envelopes.'" *DOOR SLAMS, CAR PULLS OFF*

The scientist/ pranksters found that "those who went to the more dangerous neighborhood scored higher on measures of paranoia and lower on measures of trust." I bet!

[Photographic depiction of typical bad neighborhood: Shutterstock]