You may remember Washington Post writer Sally Quinn, a human pearl earring, as the woman who uses her column space in one of America's most important newspapers to gossip about the minor turmoils of her own family. What does such riveting work afford the creepy Grande Dame of Washington Society, who is also married to former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee? Why, an 8,000-square-foot mansion in one of D.C.'s toniest neighborhoods, of course.

Step inside the Quinn abode in this episode of D.C. Cribs, where you'll find a bevy of exquisite delights, including: a piece of art from a Japanese man who suffered through an atomic bombing ("Hope it's not radioactive," quips Quinn before giving a monstrous little laugh), a shimmering gold dining room, four Warhol originals (of Quinn herself, naturally), a tennis court, and a pool.

Who says journalism is a dead-end career path? If you're a person of some means already, who then marries a member of a leading Boston Brahmin family, some day you, too, might be able to have a rambling vanity column in a major newspaper and a palace in which to rest your head at night. Don't stop dreaming, ultra-wealthy kids.