Good news, Human Beings: Community could reach six seasons after all.

Sources close to the show told Entertainment Weekly that TV streaming service Hulu is in talks with Sony Pictures to produce more episodes of the quirky cult-favorite comedy, which, despite low ratings, managed to dodge cancelation until this month.

Hulu, which has been following Netflix's lead in experimenting with original programming, already owns the streaming rights to the first five seasons of Community. That makes the show an ideal candidate to be Hulu's Arrested Development: a comedy with a vocal fanbase and disappointing ratings that's perpetually under threat of cancelation, that eventually dies on TV and is reborn on a digital platform.

The Hulu rumor started as soon as cancelation was announced, and Community creator Dan Harmon—who, funnily enough, is working on a project with Arrested creator Mitch Hurwitz—has already addressed it on his blog:

"I'm not going to be the guy who recancels cancelled Community," he wrote, adding, "There are lots of reasons a Community resurrection could be difficult. So be prepared for that."

Now all we need to prove we're not living in the darkest timeline is for Troy to return from his trip around the world.

[Photo: NBC]