As part of his ongoing very light effort to understand video games, Clueless Gamer Conan O'Brien shrieked his way through the new Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, last night.

Like previous Call of Duty games, Advanced Warfare involves a lot of running and shooting things, interspersed with dialogue full of military tough-guy clichés. But unlike previous installments, it also features Kevin Spacey. That's how you know it's advanced! (Not that advanced, though: Spacey's character still has the lifeless eyes of "a carp that's been in the refrigerator for three days.")

Another Advanced Warfare advancement is the ability to hold down the X button to pay respects at the coffin of the best friend you just watched die. The internet has already had a field day with the "pay respects" scene, and Conan does too.

"Okay, here I go. This is a very emotional moment for me," he deadpans, proceeding to test the limits of how creepy the game will let you act at a funeral.

Then there's almost 2 full minutes—that's after editing—of Conan trying and failing to cross a street without getting run over by a bus. (To be fair to him, though, he's not the only one who had trouble with that scene. It's apparently annoying as hell.)

If I had to condense Conan's review of the game into some kind of overall numerical rating, it would probably be a [scream emoji] out of 10.

[h/t Daily Picks]