Leonardo DiCaprio: handsome man, great actor, boyfriend of models, and newly appointed official Messenger of Peace for the UN. What can't this guy do? One heat-sealed envelope of peace, delivered straight to the world's doorstop, signed (with love), Leonardo DiCaprio.

The UN's Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appointed DiCaprio with his latest title this afternoon, saying of the beautiful-faced star that he "is not just one of the world's leading actors" and that he has "a longstanding commitment to environmental causes." He's a tall drink of water to boot!

DiCaprio, while putting his seductive bloat on screen, has been working with his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation since 1998 with the aim of saving extinct tigers, solving global warming, being cool, wearing sunglasses, basketball, and protecting the oceans. His position as the UN's Messenger of Peace will only further enhance the actor's valiant environmental efforts.

According to the AP, DiCaprio will address the climate summit next Tuesday, where he'll be speaking to 120 world leaders. Good luck and congrats again, UN Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio!

[Image via AP]