I do not have the scientific expertise to offer a worthwhile opinion on the practice of "fracking." All I know is: whatever you do, do not worry about all the earthquakes it is causing!

Look, you can find experts on one side who say fracking is dangerous, and experts on the other side who say it's not dangerous. All I know is that our nation needs energy resources, and fracking can provide those, and also, in news that may or may not be related, the state of Oklahoma has already had as many earthquakes in three months of this year as it did in all of last year, and—not saying this as a value judgment—it may be, could be, might be, is linked to all of that frackin'. Bloomberg reports:

State regulators last year curtailed operations at one Love County injection well and shut down a second after a series of earthquakes in the area, according to Matt Skinner, a spokesman with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. State officials are analyzing a swarm of earthquakes in the past 10 days near Langston, he said.

"This is the area we're most concerned about," Skinner said in an interview "We do have injection wells in the area."

Could blasting water into cracks in the earth with incredibly high pressure be related to an explosion of earthquakes? Who's to say? In the meantime, strap yourself in—for energy savings!

[Photo: AP]