A German police officer was arrested Wednesday and accused of killing and chopping up a man he met online. According to authorities, the man he murdered had "long fantasized" about being killed and eaten.

The 55-year-old handwriting and document analyst, identified as "Detlev G," was arrested at the Criminal Technical Institute in Dresden. He admitted to stabbing the 59-year-old victim in the throat four hours after the two met in person for the first time on Nov. 4.

The victim, who was first reported missing Nov. 11, had traveled over 250 miles by bus for the murder dinner date with G. Two days after being reported missing, "witnesses" told officers that "the missing man had fantasized since his youth about being killed and eaten by another person."

According to the prosecutor Lorenz Haase, "There is no indication at this point that the suspect ate body parts, and the suspect denied having done so." The suspect also made no mention of sexual relations with the victim; he only said that "his victim wanted to be killed and he fulfilled this wish." After killing the man, the suspect reportedly buried his remains in small pieces in the garden.

More details:

Investigator Maik Mainda said the victim and the suspected killer maintained "very intense contact by chat, by mail, by SMS but also by telephone" after first becoming acquainted in early October. The website they used says it deals with "exotic meat."

According to the Daily Star, the men met through "a lurid internet chatroom for people obsessed with cannibalism as a sexual thrill."

This is a strangely familiar story for Germans as many are already pointing out the parallels to Germany's 2002 Arwin Meiwes case. But, according to city police chief Dieter Kroll, increasing technology has made cannibalism even easier and more people than ever are using the Internet to "exchange their perversions in increasingly crass manner."

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