On Sunday, Richmond, Texas police officer Ramon Morales saved a woman sitting on train tracks from an oncoming train. The footage, captured by the dash camera in his squad car, shows he got there just in time.

According to KPRC, a citizen alerted Morales early Sunday morning that a woman was sitting on the train tracks. After reporting to the scene, Morales switched on his lights, which automatically started his dash camera. You can see he drags the crying woman off the tracks just moments before the train passes.

Morales didn't want to speak to press about the incident, but Richmond Sgt. L. Neinast had this to say to KPRC:

He got there just in time. Saved this woman's life without regard for his own. ... As the video goes on, she asked him if he's the one that pulled her off the tracks and he said, "Yes I am of course." She said, "Why did you do that?"

He was a little shaken up over the circumstances. I think even more so after he saw the video realizing how close it was. He's a hero. He went way above and beyond the call of duty to save someone else's life.

The New York Daily News notes that Morales, 27, is a former Marine who's only been on the force for 10 months.

[Image via YouTube]