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A police officer was shot to death Monday afternoon as he responded to a domestic disturbance at a Brentwood, New Hampshire home. Shortly after the shooting, the home burst into flames and exploded during a live newscast.

Officer Stepehn Arkell, a 15-year veteran, was shot and killed at the home, according to State Attorney General Joseph Foster. One witness told the Portsmouth Press-Herald she heard "rapid gun fire" after police approached the house.

"Another police officer arrived and entered the home but was driven out by gunfire," Foster told CBS News.

Sometime later, the house burst into flames; firefighters, concerned about the gunmen, kept their distance, and the home later exploded.

Foster said Michael Nolan, the son of the house's owner, is the suspect and is presumed dead. Neighbors told reporters that Walter Nolan, the home's 87-year-old owner, was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

From Boston.com:

[Officer] Arkell was a part-time officer and leaves behind two daughters, according to Brentwood Police Chief Wayne Robinson. Arkell was listed as a patrolman and animal control officer on the town of Brentwood website.

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