Well, boy, hoo... this is embarrassing, but the Orange County Sheriff’s Department just lost an AR-15 rifle. Have you seen it? It looks just like the one up there. Uh, if you find it, could you give it back? Listen, I know this looks bad, but do me a solid here. They put it on top of their car and then drove off. I guess it fell. Anyone?

Ah, man—it looks like three full magazines of ammunition are missing, too. So, uh, if you find those, give ‘em back... The gun is uh... black? It looks like the picture up to, that’s not the exact same, but it’s close. Pretty much looks exactly like that. Metal, dark black, and uh, was in a nylon bag. It’s big and can kill people, makes a loud bang. Please DON’T use this to rob a bank because that would be extremely humiliating for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. God bless.


Photo: Getty