NBC News 4 reports that a Los Angeles teacher allegedly drunkenly pulled a knife on students in their car Saturday night and demanded they take him to the fast food chain Jack in the Box. The teacher, 34-year-old Edward Maust, was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and criminal threats after surrendering to the police Sunday afternoon.

The alleged incident began when three of Maust's 17-year-old students at Arroyo Pacific Academy recognized Maust on a street corner at around 9:30 pm Saturday. Maust asked the students for a ride, and they said yes. Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Tony Moore notes, "They immediately noticed that he was intoxicated. They didn't feel safe. They got out of the car and he ordered them back into the car." After that, Maust allegedly pulled out a knife and demanded the students drive him to get fast food. One of the students managed to call 911, and Maust got out of the car and fled once he realized a police helicopter was tailing them.

Arroyo Pacific Academy, a private prep school, released a statement calling Maust "a long-term, well-respected faculty member who is involved." But the Academy spokesperson noted that their "primary concern is for the well being and welfare of our students."