A teen girl was raped on the lawn at a Keith Urban show in Mansfield, Massachusetts this weekend in front of multiple witnesses, according to police. After fleeing the scene, suspect Sean Murphy, 18, was arrested and charged with rape.

According to CNN, the victim was 17 years old. Murphy allegedly led her away from her friends and began having sex with her while a crowd gathered to videotape it with their phones. The Mansfield police department will now use those recordings as evidence. A police statement about the alleged attack said in part, "the rape ended when a woman in the crowd pushed the alleged attacker off the victim and he fled." My Fox Boston reports that later in the night, "while phoning his parents, [Murphy] was overheard saying he 'messed up.'"

Murphy's lawyer says the sex was consensual.

This particular Keith Urban show was "nutso," in Urban's own words — in addition to the alleged rape, 20 people were hospitalized for being too drunk. Before the rape allegation was made public, Urban posted a YouTube video about the show, exclaiming, "Up on the lawn tonight, that was nutso. It was so cool." The video has since been deleted.

[Image via AP]