Another day, another barrel of laughs around the city of brotherly love. A coroner's van being driven down a busy road in Feasterville, Pa. in Bucks County had an unfortunate door malfunction on Friday, allowing a dead body to slip out and roll down a road into traffic.

The corpse appeared in traffic around noon on Friday outside of a busy shopping center in the town. It was, as corpses usually are, wrapped in a white sheet and strapped to a gurney.

Jerry Bradley, a witness, captured the above photo of body in the road.

The Bucks County Coroner's Office says the driver realized immediately that the door had opened and retrieved the body within minutes. The office says it "deeply regrets" the incident.

Bradley, a passer-by who helped get the body into the van, said he thought it was a prank, calling it "the most bizarre thing" he'd ever seen.

And just like that, Jackass has come full circle.

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