A Florida corrections officer found himself behind bars — albeit for only a few minutes — after getting caught on camera slamming a suspect's head into the wall, leaving him unconscious and bleeding.

Footage from inside the Marion County Jail shows Officer Charlie Broaderick beating up DUI suspect James Duckworth after the latter cleared his throat.

Duckworth was in the process of being booked when he made a sound which Broaderick interpreted as an intention to spit on him.

Broaderick responded by slamming Duckworth into the wall and exclaiming, "You don't spit at officers."

The violent outburst left a visible streak of blood on the wall behind Duckworth.

The officers then engage in a conversation over Duckworth's true intention, leading Broaderick to realize his error.

An effort is then made to treat Duckworth's injuries.

Broaderick was subsequently arrested and charged with assault, but spent just 13 minutes in a jail cell before posting his $2,000 bail.

Marion County has since placed Broaderick on unpaid leave pending the result of an excessive force investigation.

[video via WESH]