On Sunday, Beijing police said that they had arrested the couple captured in a sex tape apparently filmed at China’s flagship Uniqlo store, the Los Angeles Times reports. Four other people have also been arrested.

According to the Times, the Cyberspace Administration also said that police were investigating the country’s two primary web portals, Sina and Tencent, for failing to limit the spread of the video, which they said “violated core socialist values.” The investigation is focused on two questions, the Times reports:

First, who posted the video and second, whether the tape was a publicity stunt intended to drum up business. A brief police statement said one 19-year-old man surnamed Sun was charged with disseminating obscene material, while three others were being detained, along with the couple. Police indicated the video dated from April.

Chinese criminal law mandates jail terms up to two years for those convicted of disseminating (heh) obscene books, films, pictures, and video, the Times reports. Those producing obscene products for profit can receive life in prison.

Investigators are also looking into whether the video was a publicity stunt by Uniqlo, the Associated Press reports. Uniqlo has denied any involvement.

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