A couple that leapt to their deaths from the George Washington Bridge on Monday allegedly murdered a man in Suffern, N.Y. just before their joint suicide.

The couple, Nickie Hunt-Cirelli, 40, and Gary Crockett, 41, reportedly fled from Hunt-Cirelli's uncle's home in Suffern that morning, after neighbors reportedly heard a fight inside.

"I heard a loud boom and that was it," a neighbor told the New York Post. "Those two went running. They never said a thing."

Hunt-Cirelli's uncle was found dead—police believe he was strangled—that afternoon in his home. Cash and the man's AR-15 had been stolen from the house, allegedly by Hunt-Cirelli and Crockett.

According to a police source who spoke with the New York Daily News, the couple left a note at the uncle's house, admitting to the murder and theft.

"The note led us to believe that they were going to make a suicide attempt," the source said.

Police believe the uncle, whom the pair lived with, may have found out that the couple had stolen money from another relative, according to ABC 7.

After fleeing Suffern, the couple drove to Manhattan, walked midway across the George Washington Bridge and jumped, reportedly as they held hands. Police found the couple, still alive, in the Hudson River. They later died at Roosevelt Hospital.

They were identified with the help of the Suffern Police Department, who contacted the NYPD after finding the suicide note.