Last night, Sex Box premiered on Channel 4 in England, apparently confusing a bunch of Twitter users in the process. That's weird because the premise is simple: A couple enters a room in a box onstage and has sex while a panel of sex experts (including the U.S.'s own Dan Savage) discusses sex amongst each other. When the disheveled, blissful couple emerges, they join the conversation for a perfectly cringey interrogation. Supposedly, having sex before such a talk opens people up (emotionally, that is). Also, this is a show and shows need a gimmick.

I thought this was fascinating and hilarious, if not exactly informative. Watch gay couple Matt and John do the old in-out (of the box) above. Warning: There are two sweeping generalizations from Savage that may irritate you (as they did me). "All gay men consider blowjobs sex," he claims. "Four magic words begin every gay sex act, or gay sexual encounter: What are you into?" I'm no sexpert, and I know for certain that both of those are untrue. I think he's got a point about general difference in attitudes amongst gays and straights, but these definitive estimations do no one any favors.

Also, this couple's discussion of their sex was fascinating and entirely too brief: