A terrifying conspiracy consisting of, uh, the 16 female Democratic senators signed a secret letter of support for Hillary Clinton earlier this year, urging her to run for president. But evidently one senator forgot to keep it under wraps, ABC News reports.

The letter, whose text hasn't been released, was reportedly the brainchild of Senator Barbara Boxer, who drummed up support from all 16 female Democratic senators, some of whom were previously assumed to be prime competition for Hillary—including much-discussed possible contender and Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand, both long shots as potential competition for the nomination, also signed the letter. In blood! No, sorry. In ink.

The document was supposed to be a private show of support from powerful fans and former colleagues. But on Monday Senator Kay Hagan let its existence slip at a speaking engagement. At an event to promote interest in female Democratic presidential candidates generally, Hagan spilled the beans on what most people probably already suspected, saying, "All of the Senate Democratic women have written her a letter encouraging her to run."

Her office was quick to the damage control, emailing apologies to the offices of all the letter's other signers. In case they attempt to take revenge! No, because she feels bad, probably. She hasn't yet made a public statement.

[image via AP]