With Halloween just around the spooky, poorly lit corner, Crest decided to play a little trick on the littlest Halloweeners by switching their candy with terrible tasting "veggie-flavored treats."

A (probably fake) focus group of kids was invited by the oral hygiene brand to try out these new snacks as part of a taste test with a scary twist: Crest informed the children that these healthy alternatives were replacing the traditional cavity-causing kind from here on out.

Their responses are so adorable they will make you sick.

Literally: Around the 50-second mark, one of Crest's tiny prank targets hurls her free sample all over the table in a made-for-Internet moment YouTube commenters have officially dubbed the "cutest throw up ever."

You have to admire a company willing to make children vomit on camera in order to push some toothpaste.

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