Portuguese football stud Cristiano Ronaldo was recently convinced, either by a lot of money or some sort of solemn blood debt, to endorse a Japanese product called the Facial Fitness PAO, a workout device for your face. As you can see in this commercial, a PAO session involves cramming a bite-plate with wings into your mouth and bobbing your head like you're fellating the Golden Snitch.

The fine folks at MTG (Motto: "We have many dreams") recommend using their Facial Shake-Weight (you can have that one for free) for two 30-second sessions daily, while looking in the mirror. International soccer celebrity and male model Cristiano Ronaldo, who apparently wasn't paid enough to let this thing touch his lips on camera, certainly does this every day.

Actual frequently asked question: "Will it cause any damage to my lips?" Actual answer: "It varies from person to person."

That's cool, then. I'll take three.

Update: Well, he's certainly tried it at least once:

[H/T Time Newsfeed]